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CDDs explained and how it affects your monthly housing expenses

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What is a CDD? Community Development Districts (CDDs) in Collier County, FL are quasi-governmental entities that borrow money by issuing bonds and selling them to investors to fund the infrastructure and amenities of new communities. The CDD bonds are paid back over 20-30 years through a CDD Fee collected by the local tax collector. CDDs were created to provide a mechanism for new development beneficiaries to bear the burden of growth instead of existing taxpayers. The Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes defines a CDD as a local unit of special-purpose government created for managing and financing infrastructure to support …

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Home prices up for first time in eight months – February 2023

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The Black Knight Home Price Index reported that February’s decrease in 30-year interest rates resulted in an increase in home prices, halting seven consecutive months of negative growth. This increase was noted in 39 of the 50 largest markets in the United States, marking a significant shift in home price trends. Black Knight’s daily transaction information showed that the purchase market increased as borrowers took advantage of the limited inventory caused by low-interest rates, leading to an uptick in home prices. However, the U.S. annualized home price growth rate continued to slide, falling to 1.94% in February. Despite the widespread …

Roof Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

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As a new homeowner, you may be wondering how to properly maintain your roof. Thankfully, there are a few easy tips that can help keep your roof in great condition for years to come. Keep reading to learn more! #1. Inspect your roof for any damage or missing barrel or tiles It’s important to inspect your roof regularly for any missing barrel or tiles. This can help prevent water damage to your home. You can check for missing barrels or tiles by looking for gaps in the roofing material. If you see any gaps, you should replace the missing barrel …

Hurricane Ian 2022 Radar Map


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As most know, Southwest Florida has been significantly impacted by Hurricane Ian. People nation wide have been watching the news during/post Hurricane Ian and the devastation & loss is heartbreaking. We know you are feeling it too so we wanted to reach out and say, we are here, we are rebuilding and as always available to help and serve those who need us. Families have lost everything but our community is strong and the compassion and generosity we are seeing is a very bright light in a very dark moment. Our primary focus right now beyond helping those in immediate need …

Common Problems in Older Florida Homes Buyers Need to Know

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Polybutylene Water Pipes ???? Timeframe: 1978 to 1996 PROBLEM Polybutylene is a grey plastic used for water pipes in homes as a cost-saving measure from 1978 to approximately 1996. Pipes made from polybutylene were installed in up to 10 million homes in the United States. Why is polybutylene prone to failure? Manufacturers claim that the majority of leaks occur at joints and unions, which is where a leak would likely appear if a pipe were improperly installed. However, studies have shown certain disinfectants can react with the polybutylene and cause it to flake apart at any location within the …

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How to Get the Most From a Home Warranty

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Having a home warranty can relieve you of the financial strains involved in out-of-pocket payments for repairs and replacements of home components. Some home warranties come with the purchased home. These are often difficult to use or access. This kind of situation often frustrates many consumers. Despite the difficulties, it is not impossible to get your claim. Here are some strategies for getting the most from your home warranty plan. Perform Your Research Every Florida home warranty plan has its own characteristics. Shopping around for the right company is ideal before you sign up for a home warranty plan. This …

Post Closing Home Inspection

Home Inspections AFTER PURCHASE are now a thing!

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You have bought your dream home, BUT you had to by-pass the home inspection so you could make an offer without conditions just to get it!  Although it is not a good idea, unfortunately in today’s market this is what is happening.  Well good thing for you, it is not too late. You can still get that home inspection after the sale has gone through. No, it won’t change the fact that you are the new owner of the home and any problems are now your responsibility… will give you a heads up as to what potential problems you may …


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Scaling Down Small Spaces Big Opportunities SCALING DOWN: SMALL SPACES = BIG OPPORTUNITIES Bigger doesn’t always mean better. A large home can be a lot of work. If you find one or more rooms in your house collecting dust, you might be ready for a change. You can save time and money by aligning your space with your needs. Cut down on clutter and invite simplicity in. Read on for:1. Why Scale Down?2. Is Scaling Down Right for You? How to Decide. 3. The Big Benefits of Smaller Spaces.4. Pro-Tips for Scaling Down. Why Scale Down? Are savings and simplicity …

Protect Yourself from Wire Fraud

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Never trust wiring instructions via email   Criminals/hackers are targeting email accounts of various parties involved in real estate transactions (e.g., lawyers, title agents, mortgage brokers, real estate agents). These emails are convincing and sophisticated. Among other concerns, this has led to fraudulent wiring instructions being used to divert funds to the criminal’s bank account. These emails may look like legitimate emails from the proper party. If you receive an email regarding instructions that contains any suspicious information, do not click on any links that may be in the email and do not reply.  Broker strongly recommends that Buyer, Seller, and their respective attorneys and …