How to Know If Your Naples Home Has a Problematic Septic System

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Golden Gates Estates, located in Naples, FL, is known for homes with large lot sizes and spacious rooms. Some homes even come with a pool! However, septic can be a challenge in this place, especially if you move into an older home. So, having your Golden Gates Estates home’s septic system inspected and checked first is important to know what you should and should not do. And if you’ve been residing in your home for quite some time now, it is also a good idea to schedule a regular sewer cleaning service and look around for signs of issues. Notice …

How to test your Florida home for Radon – FREE test kit!

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Do you need to hire a home inspector to find out if you house contains unsafe levels or radon? The answer is not necessarily, there are many good home testing kits available from your local hardware store or for $15-20 dollars. Radon Testing What about a free radon test? Free radon testing home kits can be obtained in Florida for free from the Florida Health Department here. I ordered a free radon test kit for my new construction home and here were the results. The kit took approximately 7 days to arrive via USPS. Here is what it looks …

Post Closing Home Inspection

Home Inspections AFTER PURCHASE are now a thing!

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You have bought your dream home, BUT you had to by-pass the home inspection so you could make an offer without conditions just to get it!  Although it is not a good idea, unfortunately in today’s market this is what is happening.  Well good thing for you, it is not too late. You can still get that home inspection after the sale has gone through. No, it won’t change the fact that you are the new owner of the home and any problems are now your responsibility… will give you a heads up as to what potential problems you may …