How to Know If Your Naples Home Has a Problematic Septic System

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Golden Gates Estates, located in Naples, FL, is known for homes with large lot sizes and spacious rooms. Some homes even come with a pool! However, septic can be a challenge in this place, especially if you move into an older home. So, having your Golden Gates Estates home’s septic system inspected and checked first is important to know what you should and should not do.

And if you’ve been residing in your home for quite some time now, it is also a good idea to schedule a regular sewer cleaning service and look around for signs of issues.

Notice nasty odors, slow drains, and strange gurgling sounds when you flush water on your toilet? These are obvious signs that your septic system needs your attention. And fixing the problem as soon as you notice it can mean a lot in terms of savings and your home appliance’s functionality.

Here are more signs your septic system has an issue:

1. Water is backing up in your home.

There are many reasons water may be gurgling up in the sink or backing up in your toilet. First, your septic tank may be full. If your tank receives lots of water at a fast rate due to heavy rain or excessive use of water, it can become overloaded.

Another possibility is a blocked pipe. The sewer line may have been clogged due to a sock that your kid has accidentally flushed down the drain, or you have constantly been throwing random things in your toilet.

Regardless of what’s causing water to back up and cause strange noises, call the plumber immediately. At the same time, be mindful of your water usage and avoid flushing paper towels and nonbiodegradable things in the toilet.

2. Green grass around the septic tank.

Dry and dying grass on top of the septic tank does not necessarily suggest an issue. However, you may have to take action if you notice green and thriving grass atop the tank and all over the yard.

It is likely grass is thriving because of the residential patio misting system that you have recently installed. But the worst-case scenario is that wastewater is leaking. As a result, it does not reach the drain field. And the moment it escapes the septic system, it instantly becomes fertilizer.

Hence, get your septic system inspected regularly. This will help you identify problems like rust damage or leaking pipes in your system.

3. Water pools have formed in the yard.

Excessive rainfall can often saturate the ground and prevent the septic system from draining properly. 

Now, if you notice little pools in the yard and are certain that heavy rains are to blame for their formation, try to give your septic system a break by using it less. If the pools are still there, contact a plumber.

4. There’s a strange rotten egg smell.

A gross smell from your sewer tank may mean a problem. But it may not always be the case.

Sometimes, the bad smell may be caused by the wax seal that seals the toilet bowl to the floor. It may also come from the dry trap in your floor drain.

However, if you suspect the odor is coming from elsewhere, then check around. If you don’t find anything wrong, call the plumber to check your sewer system.

5. You have slow drains.

Lastly, slow drains may indicate that something is blocking the pipe. And sometimes, you may be tempted to use the drain cleaner. Just don’t.

Using harsh chemicals can only cause more problems in your pipes. Worse, these chemicals can kill the enzymes that help break down waste in your tank.

If you wish to resolve the problem on your own, use a natural cleaning product instead. 

6. Pests are infesting your home.

Another sign of a sewer issue is a surprising increase in pests in and around your home. Cockroaches and rats are particularly attracted to nasty leaks and the foul odor from the sewers. And not only are they destructive, but they also pose health risks as they carry harmful diseases.

Once you notice pests infesting your home, schedule a sewer system maintenance check immediately.

7. Flushing the toilet is always an issue.

When the toilet doesn’t flush or is slow, and you’ve tried everything to fix the issue, something may be wrong with your septic system. The tank may be full, which can be easily resolved by having it pumped. It can also be the case of clogged pipes, which need the help of professionals.

Call Experienced Plumbers Today!

If these seven signs give you headaches, it’s best to call professional plumbers in Naples immediately. They can have them fixed for you so you can go on and continue your daily routines without any problem. 

And if not, then good! Still, it’s good practice to have your septic system regularly checked for any damages, cracks, or rust-related issues. With a well-maintained system, you could live worry-free in your Naples home for many more decades.

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