Staging your Home for Sale

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Home staging is the art of furnishing properties for sale. Great staging makes a house look both luxurious and welcoming, inspiring an emotional connection that wows buyers into bidding fast and high.

7 most important rooms to stage

  1. Living Room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Master bedroom
  4. Dining room
  5. Bathroom
  6. Children’s bedrooms
  7. Guest bedroom

Reasons, buyers’ agents say, staging has value

  • Easier to visualize property – 81%
  • Buyers more willing to walk through staged home they view online – 46%
  • Positively impacts value of home if staging mirrors buyers’ taste – 45%
  • Buyers more willing to overlook staged home’s faults – 28%

How the cost of home staging is paid

  • Seller pays before listing home – 39%
  • Seller pays after home is sold – 10%
  • Agent’s firm pays for home staging – 3%

$675 – Median price to stage a home


Percent of seller’ agents who offer home staging services to sellers


Percent of buyers’ agents who say staging affects some buyer’ view of home


Percent of buyers’ agents who say staging affects most buyers’ view of home


Percent of seller’ agents who recommend staging for all customers’ homes.

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