Tips & Tricks for Closing Your Cottage for the Winter

Nicholas NolanUncategorized

The leaves are changing colours and cooler weather is setting in, that can only mean one thing!  Winter is around the corner and it’s time to close up the cottage for the year.  We all have our regular routine when preparing our cottage for winter, but some things that you may want to consider that will protect it from the elements and make spring opening much simpler can be found below.

  • Boarding up your windows. This may seem like a lot of work but in the long run, it can save you time and money in the spring.  By covering your windows you not only are preventing critters from ruining your screens it will also help preserve the life of your windows from the wear and tear from the wind, snow and moisture.
  • Move all outdoor furniture (patio chair or picnic tables) inside if possible. Doing this will help keep the furniture in better condition and increase how long they will last.
  • Inspect your roof and gutters. Take a look for any damaged shingles on the roof and replace them.  Leaving them over the winter can only lead to water getting into the wood below the shingles and a bigger job down the road.  Clean out the gutters of all debris so that come spring all the water from the melting snow will flow freely.  You may also want to trim any tree branches that are hanging over your roof to prevent branches from breaking and falling on your cottage from heavy snow or ice.  Tree branches (depending on the size) can be a nightmare for cottage owners if they come crashing down on your cottage.
  • Look for any holes. Inspect the interior, exterior and underneath of your cottage (if possible) for any small holes that mice may use to sneak their way in out of the cold.  By filling the holes with steel wool this will prevent the mouse family from making your home their own!  The use of mothballs can also be a deterrent should you be able to get under your cottage and generously spread the mothballs around support posts.  Consider also using moth balls inside under beds and furniture.
  • Cover up your couches and beds. Get yourself large plastic sheets that will cover mattresses and furniture.  Before laying the plastic down, put some dryer sheets on your pieces as they will help keep your items smelling fresh and are also used to prevent mice from chewing and nesting.

Although these are just a few tips & tricks they will certainly be to your advantage if you add them to your regular routine.  Don’t fret spring will be here before you know it and cottage season will once again be in full swing!