Warm up to a more colorful home with these tips

Nicholas Nolan | August 12, 2022

“Many homeowners tend to stay away from color. Some may even be fearful of it,” says Robin Gannon, whose firm, Robin Gannon Interiors, is based in Lexington, Mass. She attributes this to a few things. “They may not have been exposed to color or pattern in their formative years, and the homes we were raised in really influence our design aesthetics and preferences. Others like color but are scared of what the final space will look like, fearing that they will invest time and money to end up with a room they hate.”

Make a list of your favorite colors. Before taking on a new project, Denver-based designer Nadia Watts asks her clients what shades resonate with them. “With this information, I will stretch [clients’] comfort zones by suggesting colors just outside of the familiar area,” she says. She highlights undertones within the colors, “so [clients] are able to digest and support moving in this direction.” Not working with a pro? Simply head to your local paint store, where you can check out an array of colors. “Say you are done with gray and ready for a change,” Watts says. “Gray typically has a cool undertone, so start looking at blues that have a little bit of green in them. You can always go lighter or darker on the spectrum, depending on how dramatic you want your room.”

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