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Common Problems in Older Florida Homes Buyers Need to Know

In Guides, Home Buying by Nicholas Nolan

Polybutylene Water Pipes ???? Timeframe: 1978 to 1996 PROBLEM Polybutylene is a grey plastic used for water pipes in homes as a cost-saving measure from 1978 to approximately 1996. Pipes made from polybutylene were installed in up to 10 million homes in the United States. Why is polybutylene prone to failure? Manufacturers claim that the majority of leaks occur at joints and unions, which is where a leak would likely appear if a pipe were improperly installed. However, studies have shown certain disinfectants can react with the polybutylene and cause it to flake apart at any location within the …

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Home Remodeling Projects With the Greatest Return

In DIY Home Renovation, Remodeling by Nicholas Nolan

Which remodeling projects will pick up the greatest return when a home is sold?Remodeling Magazine asked real estate professionals, and here are their estimates for theSouth Atlantic states. For the return on investment for nine specific Florida cities,go to Roofing Replacement(asphalt shingles) 66.7% Job cost: $19,680 Resale value: $13,130 Bathroom Remodel 68.2% Job cost: $22,450 Resale value: $15,303 Bathroom Addition 53.9% Job cost: $45,310 Resale value: $24,433 Window Replacement (vinyl) 73.2% Job cost: $16,992 Resale value: $12,431 Window Replacement (wood) 66.1% Job cost: $20,724 Resale value: $13,702 Entry Door Replacement (steel) 67% Job cost: $1,798 Resale value: $1,205 Deck …